maanantai 22. helmikuuta 2016

Workshops.. done! - next stop Uganda

On week 7, we had two workshops with several of our key partners in this project. On Wednesday Feb 17th we had a workshop with Unicef and on the next day the workshop included Unicef, Biolan and Huussi ry. The purpose of the workshops was to explain the concepts that we have developed to our partners and to figure out which steps to take next.

For a reminder, we began both of the workshops with short introductionary presentations regarding the current situation of our group and the work that we've been doing. After this we presented the concepts that we had developed in the previous few weeks. The feedback from the concepts were both positive and negative. However, it was concluded that we have to revise the concepts before the field trip.

Katariina giving the introduction to the workshop in Helsinki Think Company

We also got feedback fresh from Uganda through Skype

The second workshop on Thursday ended with a great conversation about the project

During the next two weeks we will plan the field trip and decide what we will do there. The concepts will definately change when we get more information from the local people about the actual situation in the project area.. it will be very interesting!

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