maanantai 18. tammikuuta 2016

Team set-up

The work has started! Last week our Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) team was set up and introduced to the International Design Business Management (IDBM) team together with our mentor Anne. IDBM team already started the work in September 2015 and had a field visit to Uganda in October. From now on our team will continue as one in designing the concept scenarios for Poop-Loop.

Our team is Ben (Business), Katariina (Engineering), Matias (Engineering) and Meri (Engineering) from SGT and Hiroko (Science), Marius (Business), Ronja (Design) and Yulin (Business) from IDBM. Also we are happy to have an anthropologist Silja from University of Helsinki in our team.

Children in Purongo Hill primary school.

Picture by: Ronja Mahosenaho

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