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UniWASH Uganda

Welcome to the blog of UniWASH Uganda fertiliser team!

UniWASH Uganda is a project aiming at improving the lives of school children in the Northern Uganda. UniWASH has three sub-teams targeting different WASH issues. Elephant Tap team is developing better hand washing solutions for school children. Menstrual Hygiene Management team is concentrating on adolescent girls. During the academic year 2015-2016 our multidisciplinary fertiliser team is working on the improvement of the sanitation conditions at school. Our team will propose a concept how the latrines at school would maintain in good condition and they would be emptied more regularly.

Our concept is based on the last year team's proposal to turn the human waste from the latrines into fertiliser by composting it.

The drainable school latrine in Purongo Hill primary school.

In March our team will travel to Acholiland to visit the two schools. We will have 2-3 concept ideas how the emptying and composting would work. The feasibility of those ideas we will test with the locals. We aim at empowering the locals in designing of the concept.

The school kids in Lacekocot primary school.

To read more about UNICEF's UniWASH project please have a look at: UniWASH in English or UniWASH in Finnish.

Pictures by: Ronja Mahosenaho

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